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Protecting Your Interests In Child Support Matters

Whether you are seeking financial support for your children from their other parent or you are a parent who is facing a request for child support, do not face this issue alone. The attorneys at Prince Contreras PLLC in San Antonio are here to provide you with legal support while protecting your interests every step of the way.

How Are Support Amounts Determined?

The state of Texas provides guidelines that are used to help determine the amount of child support a parent can expect to pay or receive. While a number of factors may be used to help reach a determination, the biggest factor is usually the income of both parents. It is important to keep in mind that these are merely guidelines. Few cases are as simple as plugging some numbers into a calculator. Our lawyers can help ensure that all relevant factors are addressed when it comes to child support determinations.

Modifying And Enforcing Orders For Support

The law recognizes that people’s lives can change, and when they do, it may be necessary to modify a child support order. We can help if you are seeking a modification or if you believe your ex is unfairly requesting a modification to an order for support.

Enforcement is a common issue in many child support cases. If you have not received support payments or if your ex is accusing you of not making your payments, we can help explore your legal options.

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