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Find Resolution In A Property Dispute

If there is a lien on the property, confusion about boundary lines or vague descriptions on the deed, title disputes can arise.

When people fight over the ownership of a property, it can become an especially contentious battle if there are mineral rights involved. If you are involved in this kind of conflict, our attorneys can help you determine your rights and your legal options to resolve the matter.

Prince Contreras PLLC is a San Antonio firm that offers representation for property disputes. We have experience working with disputes tied to the rights to oil and gas on the property. In these kinds of cases, the outcome of the case can have large implications.

We know that you have many concerns and fears about a title dispute. Our lawyers are here to help ease those worries. Your case is in good hands with Prince Contreras PLLC. Our clients appreciate our individualized attention to their case and the winning combination of experience and enthusiasm our partners provide. We do not back away from complex cases.

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