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What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Sometimes conflicts can be resolved without a contentious battle in court. The attorneys at Prince Contreras PLLC in San Antonio are willing to help you with a variety of forms of alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. This refers to any type of agreement or settlement of terms outside of a courtroom.

Alternative dispute resolution can involve negotiation, mediation or arbitration, which gives the power to make decisions to resolve the conflict to a neutral party. From the very beginning with every client, the lawyers at Prince Contreras PLLC take the time to listen intently to your problem, the circumstances and your desired outcome.

We can develop strategies and present your legal options to you in a way that is easy to understand. We offer the guidance you seek with highly individualized personal attention that can be difficult to obtain at larger firms.

Why Choose Alternative Dispute Resolution?

The benefits of alternative dispute resolution can be savings in your time, money and overall stress related to the conflict. However, it may not be the answer for your case. It is wise to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys and determine the best option for your circumstances.

Find Out Whether Alternative Dispute Resolution Is Right For You

If mediation or arbitration sounds like an appealing way to resolve your legal matter involving your business, contact Prince Contreras PLLC at 210-899-4953 in Texas. You also may contact us by email.

We offer free consultations. For your convenience, we offer after-hours or weekend appointments by requests and accept credit cards.