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Can you adopt your step-child?

If you're a step-parent in Texas, your step-child may feel like your biological child. At a certain point, you might have wondered if you should adopt your step-child and make it official. While adopting your step-child can bring your entire family closer, you could...

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How does the adoption home study work?

If you plan to adopt a child, you must go through a home study. While the home study can seem intimidating, it is usually easy to navigate. Still, to prepare for the process, you must know how home study works in the Lone Star State.  For all types of adoptions, Texas...

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There are many ways to adopt

Adopting a child is an amazing way to expand your family. You get to share your life with a child who needs a loving family. However, adoption is not always an easy process. It can also be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are several possible ways you can legally...

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