Should you adopt through an agency?

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If you are interested in adoption, one thing you may be wondering about is if you should adopt through an agency or through other means. There are several routes to adoption that you might choose to take, and adopting through an agency is just one.

Before you decide to adopt through an agency, it’s important to make sure that the agency you choose is reputable and licensed. From there, it may be valuable to talk to someone familiar with your legal rights as you move forward in looking for a child.

The type of agency you work with may matter

The type of agency you work with, whether public or private, may matter to you if you have a specific type of adoption in mind. A private agency adoption tends to cost more than working with a public agency, for example. Certain agencies may work with international cases while others work domestically, too.

With public agencies, it tends to be the case that you will need to do foster care first. With public agencies, you may have less control and fewer choices. With a private agency, the agency tends to work closely with your specifications and requests to make the adoption as smooth as possible and to be sure the right child is matched with your family.

Is adopting privately better than adopting publicly?

Neither one is better than the other. These two kinds of adoptions are different, so it’s very important that you understand how they work and how they may affect you. Private adoptions could be quicker, in some cases, but if you’re willing to foster a child, you could foster and adopt quickly, too.

It’s best for you to go over the specific timelines and requirements that each agency presents to you, so you understand what to expect. Look at your budget and the costs associated with adopting to be sure that you are prepared for the type of adoption you’re considering as well.

Adoption is a major, life-changing journey, so it’s always the right choice to look into all possible avenues before deciding how to adopt in the future.