How does the adoption home study work?

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If you plan to adopt a child, you must go through a home study. While the home study can seem intimidating, it is usually easy to navigate. Still, to prepare for the process, you must know how home study works in the Lone Star State. 

For all types of adoptions, Texas law requires adopting parents to undergo a home evaluation. The home study allows state officials to evaluate whether you are ready to adopt a child. Typically, home studies have two primary components: documentation and home visits. 


Before scheduling your home visit, you must provide some documentation for review. This part of the home study is essentially a background check. As such, if you are preparing to adopt, you should gather the following items: 

  • Biographical records, including your birth and marriage certificates, driver’s license, divorce decrees, adoption records and other related documents 
  • Health records 
  • Background checks 
  • Personal references 
  • Autobiographical statements 
  • Other relevant documentation 

When assembling required documentation, it may be helpful to start an adoption journal. With one, you can keep track of essential items and deadlines. You can also jot down your thoughts to help you better manage the adoption process. 

Home visits 

Before approving your adoption, a social worker must visit your home. The purpose of the home visit is to ensure you have a safe environment for the child. As such, you should walk through your house and look for safety hazards. Be sure you have window screens, stair gates, cabinet locks and other age-appropriate safety features in your home. Similarly, because the social worker will interview each family member during the family visit, you should be ready to discuss your adoption goals, parenting styles and other important details of your family life. 

While home studies are often stressful for adopting parents, you probably do not have to worry. After all, you and the social worker have the child’s most favorable interests in mind. Nonetheless, by knowing what to expect, you can plan for a successful home study.